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I have been dancing tango for a year. A lucky coincidence that the beginning of my very first tango lesson has been documented: Gaspar Laszlo and Katalin Csontos demonstrated what tango is like. Then we started to walk around in pairs with our palms touched together; myself with Zsófia Dániel.

It has been one huge adventure — it is hard to think into everything that happened and how much I could develop in this 365 days. I attended a lot of lessons and workshops, I was on 3 tango weekends, on one tango festival and on one tango flashmob, besides of many, many milongas.

It is impossible to enumerate everybody who helped along the way, so let me just thank to those who did the most for me.

Laszlo Gaspar and Katalin Csontos I have already mentioned: they were the ones starting me on that journey and this is something I will never forget. Rápolthy Gabriella is also a wonderful teacher who I could wholeheartedly recommend to everybody. She took a huge role in refining my leading skills, teaching simple yet effective moves and patiently advising me on every tango-related topic. Endre Szeghalmi and Mária Glotz also improved a lot on our technique with Zsófi, and they were there for me on a November weekend when I was just about to give up and gave me a fresh start on a wonderful set of milongas, lessons and tango cafes. Marta Bucsi inspired and lectured me on how to move forward all the time.

My favorite dj, Kárász Eszter put together countless wonderful tandas for us; Katalin Czidor also gave me one magical experience when I left many boundaries behind during a single Sunday night.

I have danced with many wonderful partners, but I definitely owe a special thank you to some of them. First and foremost to my love and regular partner Zsófia Dániel, who supported me all along. Borók Zsuzsa was one of the first followers who agreed to dance with me on a milonga in September and she never stops charming and inspiring me ever since. Since I met Kata Jezsó with her lively, fun-loving and fun-inspiring stlye, milongas she attends becomes a very special experience to me. The charmingly unpredictableMirela Pascaru never lets me forget the importance of paying close attention and to expect (and appreciate) surprises all the time. The balanced, punctually and attentively dancing Ramona Kyoko Wentworth always teaches me a bit more on how to stay focused and tuned to each other.

I hope to stay around for a very long time.

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